Feb 112011

If you get asphalt or tar on your carpet or upholstery, it can be one of the toughest stains you’ll ever have to deal with. If you’ve ever walked on a freshly paved street, road, or driveway, you may have tracked asphalt or tar onto your carpet. I’ve also seen asphalt on foot rests and recliners. You can try household carpet and fabric cleaners that are commonly sold to consumers, but you will run into problems removing sticky asphalt or tar.

These substances aren’t too hard to remove if you have the knowledge and the right cleaning solutions. You must use caution when cleaning asphalt or tar from fabric because the cleaning solvent used is very strong and also FLAMMABLE.

To clean asphalt or tar spots, you first have to obtain a dry cleaning solvent. Dry cleaning solvents can be purchased online at popular merchants like Amazon.com. Dry cleaning solvents are commonly sold under the brand names Carbona #10 or Energine. After you’ve obtained a suitable solvent, you’re almost ready to begin cleaning.

You’ll also need a few small towels or wash cloths. It’s a good idea to use white terry cloth. Dampen a towel with water. Be sure to wring the towel out thoroughly so that it is only slightly damp. Apply a small amount of the dry cleaning solvent to the towel. BLOT, DON’T RUB with the damp towel. DO NOT leave the dry cleaning solution in the fabric for more than 2-3 minutes. Immediately pour a small amount of water directly onto the affected area. Blot dry with a folded towel or pad of towels, or use a wet/dry vacuum if available. Vacuum and blot as much liquid out of the fabric as possible. DO NOT leave the dry cleaning solution in the fabric without flushing with pure water. Repeat if necessary, but use caution with the solvent as it can damage your carpet or upholstery with prolonged use.

After you get the fabric as dry as possible by blotting and/or vacuuming with a shop vaccum, you can place a fan on the spot to aid in drying.

Here’s the way we eliminate your stubborn stains such as asphalt or tar:

When we clean your carpet, we utilize several specialized stain removers. We’re extensively trained and experienced. If there is any possibility of eliminating your spots, we are able to get it done. Furthermore, if we are not able to eliminate a stain and another carpet cleaning service  in Huntsville is, we’ll refund your money for the work we did. You will get the most extensively comprehensive carpet cleaning in Huntsville… we guarantee it! Call me right now at (256) 361-7599 or fill out our online form to schedule your superior carpet cleaning today.