Frequently Asked Carpet Cleaning Questions

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How long does it take for my carpets to dry?

With Heaven’s Best’s low moisture carpet cleaning process you don’t have to be concerned about waiting long hours for your carpeting to dry and/or positioning noisy commercial fans on your carpet. It normally takes about one hour for your carpets to dry. Typically, the first rooms we clean will be dry by the time we leave.

Should I have my carpets steam cleaned?

Hot water extraction cleaning is widely called steam cleaning; however, there is no steam involved. The significant quantities of water utilized in the hot water extraction process will weaken the water soluble glue that holds your carpets together, and more often than not cause dirt and stains to “wick”. This is the expression used when dirt and stains resurface. Additionally, a carpet that has been cleaned using the hot water extraction process will typically take 24-48 hours to dry and, in many cases, the pad under the carpet can be wet for several days. We strongly suggest our LMCCA approved low moisture cleaning method. Our procedure will not only have your carpets dry in one hour, but most importantly your carpet is going to be thoroughly clean!

How often should I have my carpets cleaned?

Whether it’s a celebration with friends and wine splatters, spilled juice stains, kids with soiled shoes, or general deterioration, your carpets will certainly accumulate soil and allergens. We recommend that you vacuum your carpets regularly, and have your carpets professionally cleaned every 6 to 18 months, depending on traffic and soil level.

How long does it take for my upholstery to dry?

Upholstery drying times are nearly impossible to calculate since there are numerous types of upholstery and furniture construction. Drying time is quite dependent upon humidity levels as well as ventilation in the room. The higher the room humidity, the longer the drying time. When we clean your upholstery, we recommend that you run your air conditioner or heater, depending on the time of year. That will speed the drying process. These environmental issues have a significant impact on drying times, however the type of fabric will have an impact as well. In most cases, expect most upholstery to take several hours to dry.

Are your cleaning solutions safe for my children or domestic pets?

Our water based cleaning agent is environmentally friendly and is absolutely safe for people and pets.

How long do I have to wait to let my children or pets on the carpet or upholstery?

The carpeting may be walked on with clean shoes, clean socks or clean bare feet while damp. Any activity should be limited to clean foot traffic until the carpet is dry. You should always exercise extreme caution when stepping from damp carpet onto hard floors such as tile or hardwood. The upholstered furniture should be allowed to completely dry before you return the cushions and pillows to their usual places.

How long should I stay off of my freshly cleaned and polished hardwood floors?

You can walk and replace furniture on your hardwood floors and immediately after we complete the cleaning and polishing.

Do I need to vacuum, sweep or mop prior to your arrival?

No. Our cleaning process is very thorough. We’ll vacuum your carpets as well as sweep the hardwood floors.

Do I need to move my furniture prior to your arrival?

No. We do ask that you remove any small items such as dinning room chairs, magazine racks, floor plants, etc from any areas that are going to be cleaned. We’ll move some furniture such as dining tables, end tables, chairs, and sofas, for example. After we have moved your furniture, we’ll clean the carpet or floor and put it back in its previous location. If you want us to clean under beds, please remove all bed clothing including sheets and mattress covers, as well as all items from under the bed. We will remove the mattress and foundation and clean under the bed without moving the frame, head board, or foot board. We do not move king sized foundations or mattresses.  We won’t move excessively heavy items or items that we may possibly damage such as:

  • large bookshelves
  • sectional sofas
  • aquariums
  • pianos
  • water beds
  • pool tables
  • display cases with delicate items
  • tables with lamps or other breakable items
  • china cabinets which are full of china
  • computer desks with electronic equipment on them
  • electronic wiring including power, data, video, audio, or speaker cables
  • entertainment centers or other excessively heavy items
  • king sized beds

Any items we move must be emptied of delicate items, breakable items, or valuables. We also don’t move items when there’s simply no place to put them while cleaning.

For more information, please see our carpet cleaning preparation guide.

Do I have to remain home while you’re here?

It’s not essential that you stay home while we’re cleaning. We are scrupulously trained professionals and you can put your trust in us in your home. In order to provide you with the very best possible service, we do suggest that somebody is home before we start cleaning to go over any particular areas of concern regarding the proper care of your carpet, furnishings, or hardwood flooring. Our carpet cleaning procedure is fairly quiet so that you won’t be disrupted as you continue your day-to-day routines.

May I reschedule or cancel my appointment?

We realize that schedules change and you can’t always keep your appointments. We’re very glad to cooperate with you to find a more convenient time, should a conflict arise in your schedule. Since our other clients depend upon our schedule, we ask that you give us a minimum of 48 hours notice of a cancellation. This allows us an opportunity to service another customer who may be in need of service.

What payment methods to you accept?

We accept cash or checks.

How do you guarantee customer satisfaction?

We are always eager to correct any kind of situation leading to your dissatisfaction. We would like to keep you as a life-long customer and are dedicated to doing what it requires in order to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

If you don’t see the answer to your question above, or if you’re ready to get your carpets as clean as they will ever be, call me now at (256) 361-7599, or fill out our online form.

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