Jul 092011

This carpet cleaning tip is for cleaning beer from your carpet or upholstery. Beer isn’t too difficult if you have the right cleaning solution and you clean it up before it dries.

You’ll need some white cotton towels or cloths to clean beer stains from your carpet. You’ll also need a bottle of Heaven’s Best exclusive spot cleaning solution. Please keep in mind that some popular carpet and upholstery cleaners that you buy off the shelf will sometimes set stains.

First, blot up any excessive amount of the beer that was spilled. Then apply Heaven’s Best spot cleaner using a towel. Remember–blot, don’t rub. Next, apply water by blotting with a damp towel, then blot dry with weighted towels or use a wet/dry vacuum if available. You may put a fan on the spot for faster drying.

Here’s the way we eliminate your stubborn stains such as beer:

When we clean your carpet, we utilize several specialized stain removers. We’re extensively trained and experienced. If there is any possibility of eliminating your spots, we are able to get it done. Furthermore, if we are not able to eliminate a stain and another carpet cleaning service in Huntsville is, we’ll refund your money for the work we did. You will get the most extensively comprehensive carpet cleaning in Huntsville… we guarantee it! Call me right now at (256) 361-7599 or fill out our online form to schedule your superior carpet cleaning today.

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