Mar 272014

Clean Butter From CarpetWith this carpet cleaning tip I’ll show you how to clean butter out of your carpet. Since butter or margarine is oily, either one can be difficult to thoroughly clean from your carpet. The key, as with all spots, is to clean it up as soon as it happens.

You’ll need a couple of things to clean butter or margarine out of your carpet:

  • white cloth towels
  • dry solvent
  • paper towels

Dry solvent is often used in spot removal on garments. It’s sold under the names Carbona #10 or Energine. Dry solvent may be FLAMMABLE so use caution.

Begin by applying your dry solvent using a damp towel. Leave for 2 to 3 minutes, then blot with a towel. Remember, blot — don’t rub. Repeat as necessary.

After the spot has been removed, apply water with a damp towel. You may also spray some water onto the spot to soak it, then use a wet/dry vacuum to remove the excess water. I don’t recommend soaking the spot unless you can vacuum the excess water thoroughly.

The next step is to blot dry and follow with a pad of weighted cloth towels or white paper towels. If possible, put a fan on the spot to aid in drying.

Here’s the way we eliminate your stubborn oily stains such as butter or margarine:

When we clean your carpet, we utilize several specialized stain removers. We’re extensively trained and experienced. If there is any possibility of eliminating your stains or spots, we are able to get it done. Furthermore, if we are not able to eliminate a stain and another carpet cleaning service in Huntsville is, we’ll refund your money for the work we did. You will get the most extensively comprehensive carpet cleaning in Huntsville… we guarantee it! Call me right now at (256) 361-7599 or fill out our online form to schedule your Heaven’s Best carpet cleaning today.

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  1. Carpet cleaning is a more difficult process than cleaning the entire house. The dirt and the other particles will enter into the threads which is the most difficult part to clean. The cleaning tip given in this page is really helpful for us.

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