Rug Cleaning


Area Rug in a Living RoomWe’re exceptional carpet, upholstery, and floor cleaners, but we’re also proud of our rug cleaning services. We’re local Huntsville cleaning professionals whom you can trust to thoroughly clean your Oriental, Persian, synthetic, or other fine area rugs. We can clean synthetic area rugs while we’re in your home. For natural fabrics, we pick up your rugs then return them to you clean and fresh.

Call us at (256) 361-7599 or simply fill out our online form for your FREE no obligation rug cleaning estimate. If you know the size of the rug, and the fabric from which it’s constructed, I can give you a phone estimate in minutes. That information is listed on a tag on the back of most rugs.

You might not always consider rug cleaning service as an essential component of maintaining your home or office. Ensuring your area rugs are free from soil, dirt, and contaminants can truly increase that “clean” sensation that you encounter whenever you enter your home.

Area rugs will often be different from other types of floor covering because they are usually made from different types of fabric and are sometimes woven differently. They are often more expensive than than the typical wall to wall carpeting found in homes. Most of the time rugs are the centerpiece of a room. Area rugs are frequently walked on, and they will get quite soiled after a period of use. There is no harm in that – rugs are made to be used. When the rug begins to get soiled or unappealing, the eyes of guests and visitors will in all probability end up focusing on the dirtiness of the rug as opposed to the overall elegance and aesthetic characteristics of your room in general. This really is unfortunate, because it shows that regardless of how lovely a room is, it will invariably end up being evaluated by the cleanliness of the area rug.

Heaven’s Best suggests having your rugs professionally cleaned every year. The reason is, that if you don’t thoroughly clean your area rug on a regular basis, then your rugs will likely be unsightly and begin to fall into a state of disrepair and poor condition.

In most cases, area rugs shouldn’t be cleaned on location like wall to wall carpeting. The time required to properly care for your rugs normally requires us to pick up and bring your area rug back to our facility where it will undergo a comprehensive cleaning process to maximize soil and spot elimination.

In cleaning your rugs, we make certain to ascertain the type of rug you have. This requires examining how the rug was woven, the glues used to hold the rug together (some rugs don’t use a glue to keep the weave together), the material type, and the type of dye used for coloring the fabric. This enables us to ensure that we use the appropriate cleaning techniques and solutions that will be tough on the soil but not on your rug. Then we will thoroughly clean your rugs utilizing the chosen techniques based on the material and construction.

Call us at (256) 361-7599 or simply fill out our online estimate form for your FREE no obligation rug cleaning estimate. You deserve the very best… Heaven’s Best!

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