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We take pride in our carpet cleaning expertise, but we’re also very proud of our leather cleaning techniques and processes. If you’re looking for a local leather cleaner that you can trust, Heaven’s Best is the company for you. We’re family owned and operated, we’re right here in Huntsville, and we stand by all of our work with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. When you’re ready for your leather upholstery to look beautiful again, call me at (256) 361-7599, or or fill out the online form.

There are several steps involved in the Heaven’s Best leather cleaning process.

  1. We examine your leather upholstery in order to ascertain which type it is.
  2. A cleaner is applied to the leather to gently loosen the dirt and grime buildup.
  3. We wait approximately five to ten minutes to allow the cleaner to work on the tough stains.
  4. We then remove the dirt and wipe the leather clean.
  5. We apply a special conditioner that may have been removed during the cleaning process. This conditioner will keep your fine leather smooth, shiny, and soft.
  6. Last, the leather is wiped down with our protectant, which repels the dirt and grime that accumulates from everyday use.

If you’re ready to see your leather shine again, give me a call at (256) 361-7599, or fill our online form.

Many people believe (incorrectly) that leather does not need regular maintenance and cleaning. There are a few different types of leather, and each one needs to be cleaned regularly, with precision and care. You’ll find leather covering a variety of surfaces, from sofas and chairs, to automobile seats, to bar stools. We’re specially trained to properly care for and clean leather.

The 3 forms of leather are nubuck, aniline, and pigmented or protected. Below is a brief description of each one.

Nubuck – also called bomber or chaps. This is a type of aniline leather upon which the surface area has been modified and brushed to produce a velvet-like feel. Nubuck is difficult to distinguish from aniline. The only significant distinction will be the rather faint velvet appearance.

Aniline – also referred to as unprotected, pure, or natural. These are leathers which are mimimally altered with dye. The coloring does not conceal the actual leather pattern, which means you are viewing the genuine essentially unaltered leather. This can be a fine, luxurious leather, but it surely comes along with problems.

Pigmented – often known as protected, finished, or Italian. This particular leather variety has been painted, embossed, or modified in some manner. Generally the alteration is because of flaws in the leather’s appearance. Nonetheless, the modification actually helps protect the leather. This is the most resilient type of leather.

Leather isn’t bulletproof. The truth is, it scratches easily and could be stained just as easily as some other materials. Leather really should be professionally maintained. According to leather tanneries, an experienced specialist is required to competently clean leather every twelve months.

Light colored leather specifically must be cleaned on a regular basis. You should have your leather furniture cleaned before it begins to appear soiled. The moment a light colored piece of leather looks generally dirty, damage has been done to the hide. Take this particular forewarning to heart in the event that you own any aniline or nubuck leather.

Cleaning and maintaining your fine leather upholstery can be an overwhelming proposition. We have been specially trained in the proper steps of cleaning all types of leather. Call me now at (256) 361-7599, or fill out our online form for a FREE no obligation phone estimate.